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Req. No. 13-0080
Program Counselor
Develop, implement and evaluate individual care and programming
Farmington, NM
Full Time or Part Time, Days, Evenings, Nights & Weekends
High School/GED
Language/Special Skills:
Driving Requirements:
Valid driver's license
Special Note:

The Program Counselor is responsible for working cooperatively with the Program Director and other staff in developing, implementing and evaluating individual care and programming. This position should follow up directly with the Program Director on any program, maintenance or personnel issues within the home.

The Program Counselor is responsible for providing direct services to the individuals, including assisting in maintaining a clean, safe living environment; meal preparation; and supervising, training and assisting the individuals in every aspect of their lives.

Program Director


  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • High school diploma/GED.
  • Basic computer, keyboarding and software skills required.
  • Prior education and/or experience in residential and/or support services for individuals with developmental disabilities preferred.

Also must possess all of the following: a sincere desire to provide supports to persons with developmental disabilities; ability to make sound judgments when given guidance and priorities; ability to work as a team member to maintain consistency and quality in services; ability to exchange support, constructive criticism and ideas with other staff members and relevant professionals; flexibility in working various days, hours, sites and with various individuals; adaptability to change; and willingness to accept all work assignments as provided by supervisor.

Non-exempt. Benefit qualification is broken into three categories: 36+ hours/week (A-3), 30-35 hours/week (A-2), 29 or less hours/week (A-1) and less than 20 hours/week. Benefit category will be indicated upon employment.

This position is designated as an Unlimited Driving Position, defined as one that requires an employee to drive a motor vehicle as a part of his/her Dungarvin work, including vehicles owned or leased by Dungarvin, and/or to drive a vehicle in which a person served is transported. Any employee in this position must comply with the requirements outlined in the POLICY AND PROCEUDRE ON DRIVING AND THE USE OF MOTOR VEHICLES (A-8). All employees in this position must have a valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record, as defined by our insurance carrier. An employee hired for a position that requires the employee to drive his/her own car is responsible for his/her own automobile insurance. Willingness to use personal vehicle to provide transportation for individuals required.

Scheduled hours may be full or part-time to include days, evenings, nights, weekends and/or holidays. Specific schedules will be set during orientation.

1. Responsibility: To read, know and implement all policies and procedures.

a. Use policy manual as a first resource.
b. Review new and revised policies and sign off as requested.
c. Document all accidents/incidents and report any Vulnerable Adult/Child Protection issues according to organizational policy.

2. Responsibility: To respect individuals' rights and ensure they are met.

a. Receive training regarding individuals' rights.
b. Remind the individuals of their rights.
c. Inform supervisor of individuals' rights issues.
d. Formally review individuals' rights with them, as assigned.

3. Responsibility: To provide a comfortable atmosphere within the program/home.

a. Ensure home is kept clean at all times.
b. Relate to individuals with an attitude of equality and camaraderie.
c. Serve meals in a family-style setting.
d. Involve individuals in the decorating and care of their home.

4. Responsibility: To increase individuals' self-esteem.

a. Be positive in interactions with individuals.
b. Provide positive programming.
c. Treat individuals in an age-appropriate manner with dignity and respect.
d. Implement normalization principles.

5. Responsibility: To ensure individuals are kept clean and neat in appearance.

a. Assist individuals in looking neat and dressing appropriately.
b. Ensure hygiene needs are met.

6. Responsibility: To ensure active individuals' involvement in all aspects of their program.

a. Encourage interaction with other people.
b. Through role modeling and positive speech, encourage individuals to participate in meal preparation, household tasks, money management, planning activities, etc.
c. Provide opportunities for individuals' choice.
d. Reinforce individuals' responsible behavior and participation.

7. Responsibility: To implement and document on all individuals' programs.

a. Implement and document programs accurately in Therap and on data sheets.
b. Document status of informal programs.
c. Record maladaptive behaviors, documenting on GERs as necessary and/or data sheets.
d. Review program progress with individuals regularly.

 8. Responsibility: To know, implement and document all individuals' behavior management plans as designed.

a. Know and be able to identify signs of agitation and escalation for the purpose of using intervention techniques.
b. Provide input for revisions of behavior support plans.
c. Complete all individuals' specific training with behavior therapist, as requested.

9. Responsibility: To remain alert to the individual's behavior/physical changes and notify the supervisor as appropriate.

a. Ensure documentation of any observed changes.
b. Alert supervisor to any problems.
c. Read daily notes and behavior management plans regularly (prior to working a regular shift).
d. Consult individuals' permanent files as needed.

10. Responsibility: To assist individuals with family and personal contacts.

a. Be aware of restrictions of contacts and assist in compliance.
b. Encourage contacts with family and friends.
c. Assist in making phone calls.
d. Assist in writing, addressing and mailing letters.
e. Assist in the purchasing and sending of special occasion cards and thank you cards.
f. Display a positive, supportive attitude toward individuals and program when interacting with families.
g. Document family contacts, individuals' reactions and other observations in individuals' logs.
h. Notify supervisor of family concerns, questions or issues.

11. Responsibility: To assist in the purchase and upkeep of individuals' personal belongings.

a. Ensure clothing is mended whenever necessary.
b. Ensure all clothing (including coats, etc.) is washed or dry-cleaned.
c. Assist with shopping for personal items.
d. Communicate needs to a residential coordinator.
e. Ensure that clothing is color coordinated, in style and in good condition.
f. Ensure belongings are marked as appropriate.
g. Assist in inventory of personal belongings as requested.

12. Responsibility: To initiate individuals' involvement in activities.

a. Implement planned activities.
b. Interact with individuals at all appropriate times.
c. Involve individuals in the planning of activities when appropriate.
d. Encourage individuals to choose activities.
e. Document individuals' preferences and choices.
f. Offer a variety of activities.
g. Be informed about appropriate community activities.
h. Make suggestions for activities to the residential coordinator.


1. Responsibility: To attend all required training per conditions of employment.

a. Attend initial orientation.
b. Attend annual training requirements on time.
c. Complete additional training as requested by supervisor.
d. Attend team meetings as requested.
e. Recommend staff training needs.

2. Responsibility: To promote positive teamwork with other staff of the home and the organization.

a. Cooperate with other team members in a tactful manner.
b. Maintain a positive attitude toward staff, individuals and the program.
c. Seek ways to offer assistance to fellow staff.
d. Offer constructive, positive solutions to problems.
e. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism.
f. Offer feedback and constructive criticism.
g. Act as role model for other staff.

3. Responsibility: To know and properly use Kronos and Therap in accordance with policy, procedure and training.


1. Responsibility: To promote a positive, cooperative relationship with day programs.

a. Provide ongoing routine communications via communication book, telephone or personal contact.
b. Provide emergency coverage for individuals due to cancellation of day program or illness.
c. Represent the organization in a professional, positive manner when interacting with day program staff.

2. Responsibility: To communicate with support services openly and effectively.

a. Implement recommendations of support services and provide feedback to the residential coordinator and supervisor.
b. Review referral material before all appointments and ensure necessary documentation is obtained from the professionals.

3. Responsibility: To respond to any complaints from outside contacts in an appropriate manner.

a. Courteously accept complaints from outside agencies, ensuring the party that his/her concerns will be addressed by the appropriate person.
b. Relay any issues or concerns to the supervisor, along with any appropriate background information.
c. Follow up on directions given by the supervisor regarding contact with outside agencies.


1. Responsibility: To provide individuals with daily needed health care, using resources as appropriate.

a. Become familiar with all individuals' medical conditions and needs.
b. Attend meetings on individuals' health concerns as requested by residential coordinator, supervisor or nurse.
c. Read and initial all medical documentation and follow up as indicated.
d. Implement all treatment orders.
e. Document health concerns in healthcare notes.
f. Schedule medical appointments as requested by the residential coordinator and supervisor.
g. Inform agency nurse or supervisor of individuals' healthcare needs per policy or as needed.

2. Responsibility: To implement medical appointments and required follow-up as requested.

a. Transport individuals to and from appointments as necessary.
b. Order and pick up new medications as requested. Ensure labels include all required information. Enter on medication log in pharmacy book.
c. Forward completed office visit form to the supervisor and nurse.
d. Notify the nurse of all treatment and medication changes.

3. Responsibility: To assist with and handle medication according to policy and regulation.

a. Assist with the administration of medications in accordance with regulations and policy.
b. Purchase medical supplies as requested.
c. Inform the residential coordinator of any problems or needs regarding medications, labels or supplies.
d. Store medical supplies and medications according to policy and/or state regulations.

4. Responsibility: To implement cycle menus as planned, if applicable.

a. Implement posted menus daily as applicable.
b. Document appropriate menu changes/substitutions and individual food refusals accurately.
c. Inform the residential coordinator or Program Director of menu-related and food-related items missing or needed in the home.

5. Responsibility: To ensure the individuals' nutritional needs are met.

a. Schedule and complete regular shopping trips with individuals.
b. Collect recipes for all food and food-related purchases.
c. Prepare all meals or assist individuals in the preparation of meals in accordance with menu and recipe guidelines.
d. Serve proper portions per menus and special diets.
e. Implement special diets as prescribed.
f. Store and/or dispose of leftovers properly.
g. Ensure dishes are washed and put away after each meal.
h. Weigh individuals as per a health care plan or as requested.



1. Responsibility: To maintain established systems for the daily implementation of schedules related to upkeep and general cleanliness of the program/site.

a. Complete tasks from preventive maintenance lists/plans as delegated by plan and/or supervisor.
b. Complete housekeeping tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
c. Note needed housekeeping supplies.
d. Return supplies to designated area after using.
e. Closely supervise individuals' involvement in housekeeping tasks, ensuring thoroughness.
f. Initiate tasks needed to keep Dungarvin vehicles clean and in good order at all times.
g. Complete all required vehicle forms in the vehicle book whenever driving a Dungarvin-owned vehicle (e.g., Mileage Log, Each Use Checklist, etc.).

2. Responsibility: To maintain effective communication with the residential coordinator in the reporting of all maintenance needs.

3. Responsibility: To assist the residential coordinator in maintaining a home and environment that is safe.

a. Ensure all walk areas are unobstructed at all times.
b. Give recommendations to the supervisor for needed household changes or items that need to be discarded.
c. Give recommendations to the residential coordinator for needed household purchases.
c. Report any safety problems via service request/maintenance list system to the supervisor.
d. Assist individuals in replacing out-of-date or unused items.
e. Keep home clean and organized throughout shifts.
f. Maintain the garage in an orderly fashion.


1. Responsibility: To maintain a living environment that is comfortable and promotes maximum growth and independence for individuals.

a. Ensure beds are made/changed on schedule.
b. Complete/supervise laundering of household and individuals' items.
c. Maintain home and contents in good repair, safe, clean and organized. Contact supervisor and/or maintenance staff for immediate needs.

2. Responsibility: To accurately budget, spend and account for household finances.

a. Conduct all day-to-day spending for the home, as requested by the supervisor.
b. Follow petty cash system for the home.
c. Collect receipts for expenses made.

3. Responsibility: To follow the specified budget, spend and account for individuals' purchases.

a. Conduct the day-to-day purchasing of individuals' needs as requested.
b. Obtain receipts for all purchases.
c. Monitor and assist individuals in making purchases and managing their personal funds.
d. Periodically monitor records for accuracy.
e. Be aware of and monitor individuals' personal spending limits.

4. Responsibility: To ensure compliance with emergency procedure requirements.

a. Conduct and record routine checks of emergency equipment.
b. Conduct and record routine fire drills with individuals as scheduled or requested.
d. Participate in quarterly review of emergency procedures as requested.

Dungarvin is an equal opportunity employer who provides a work environment that is filled with opportunities for personal challenges and rewards. In addition to competitive compensation, benefits and opportunities for growth, we also provide you the chance to make a daily difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

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