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Req. No. 18-0424
Management of multiple sites
Albuquerque, NM
Full Time
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The Director is responsible for the management and operation of multiple sites, programs and personnel, maintaining high-quality care and services and coordination of organizational services.


1. Responsibility: Provide an environment that values the individual.

a. Monitor the quality of program and services relative to the individualized support plan.
b. Initiate and maintain contact with individual, family and individual identified supports.
c. Provide oversight of and involvement in the development of the support plan, including:

  • Participation in the interdisciplinary team process as needed.
  • Monitoring goals, objectives and program development.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the support plan.
  • Evaluation of program progress and effectiveness.

d. Actively monitor employee interactions to ensure the organizational mission is actualized in the delivery of services.
e. Ensure Dungarvin's role in all support plans is completed and implemented in a timely manner.

2. Responsibility: Ensure programs are in compliance with all applicable licensure, certification and contract standards.

a. Maintain contact with external agencies and trade organizations to maintain working knowledge of related issues.
b. Participate in and manage Dungarvin's role in surveys, reviews and program audits, including the coordination and implementation of any response to the surveys, reviews and program audits.
c. Develop procedures consistent with standards and assure follow-through.

3. Responsibility: Ensure all services provided are of the highest possible quality.

a. Ensure that all quality monitoring practices are implemented as directed by state, regional and national policy and procedures.
b. Ensure appropriate plans of action and correction are written and implemented.
c. Work cooperatively with other management team members to coordinate the organization's services, share resources and maximize benefits to all programs.


1. Responsibility: Be ultimately responsible for the overall financial management of assigned sites.

a. Develop and monitor budgets on an annual basis and as needed.
b. Proactively anticipate financial changes and challenges to assigned sites.
c. Develop and implement plans to effect fiscal changes and challenges within assigned sites.
d. Monitor and bring resolution to outstanding AR issues.

2. Responsibility: Ensure management of Consumer Finances as required by:

  • Dungarvin policy and procedure
  • Support plan
  • Case management/other invested persons' guidelines/input
  • State and federal laws and guidelines


1. Responsibility: Know and ensure implementation of all organizational policies and procedures.

a. Read and know policies.
b. Review and train supervisees on new and revised policies.
c. Coach and train employees in all policies and procedures, philosophy and mission statement.
d. Document all accidents and report any major unusual incident issues, according to organizational policy.
e. Assist in career development by providing and challenging employees in areas of growth potential.
f. Observe and give feedback on policy implementation.
g. Train employees to rely on and use policy and procedure manual.

2. Responsibility: Maintain ultimate responsibility for the management and supervision of all personnel in assigned sites.

a. Supervise the Program Directors and other support staff as assigned, including hiring, orientation, ongoing monitoring of performance, provision of feedback, evaluation, etc.
b. Indirectly supervise program staff through the Program Directors, including hiring, orientation, ongoing monitoring of performance and provision of feedback, evaluation, etc.
c. Facilitate a sense of cooperative teamwork among the Program Directors and among program staff.
d. Monitor staff schedules throughout area to ensure adherence to direct care hours to the parameters and controls of overtime where applicable.
e. Develop and implement personnel management procedures consistent with organizational philosophy, policies and procedures.
f. Assist, as assigned, in the training and supervision of office and support personnel.

3. Responsibility: Provide coaching and development of all employees on an ongoing basis.

a. Provide new staff with pertinent information.
b. Provide induction training to new staff as scheduled.
c. Vigorously monitor, coach and document for personnel file areas of concern or performance problems.

4. Responsibility: Promote positive teamwork.

a. Act as a role model.
b. Promote a positive attitude toward employees.
c. Seek ways to offer assistance to fellow employees.
d. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism.
e. Offer feedback and constructive criticism.

5. Responsibility: Openly and honestly communicate with supervisory personnel.

a. Provide input on peers, as requested and appropriate.
b. Appropriately implement recommendations and provide feedback.
c. Cooperatively work with all department managers/team members in coordinating efforts, service and knowledge to maximize efficiency, organization and professionalism.

6. Responsibility: Maintain ultimate responsibility for the development and implementation of a comprehensive training program for personnel.

a. Provide and ensure the provision of orientation and ongoing training for Program Directors to assist them in developing and maintaining a program and environment that offers the maximum benefit to the customer.
b. Ensure the development and implementation of training for program employees.
c. Attend and participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions offered within the organization, as well as those offered by external associations and organizations, in order to maintain a level of awareness and knowledge of new developments in the field.

7. Responsibility: Work cooperatively with the management team regarding overall personnel issues.

a. Provide input and recommendation to the management team on organizational philosophy, policies and procedures, and other personnel-related issues.
b. Work cooperatively with state management team to coordinate the organization's services and resources to maximize the benefit to the customer.


1. Responsibility: Be responsible for expanding existing business units.

a. Seek out and promptly respond to referrals.
b. Prepare and present proposals regarding referrals, and assist in the evaluation of the opportunities.

2. Responsibility: Be responsible for the development of new business opportunities.

a. Seek out and identify new business opportunities.
b. Prepare and present proposals regarding new business opportunities, and assist in the evaluation of those opportunities.


1. Responsibility: Ensure the interests of Dungarvin are protected.

a. Ensure the established organizational philosophy, policies and procedures are implemented and maintained.
b. Develop and implement operational procedures within area that are consistent with regulatory standards and operational philosophy, policies and procedures.
c. Implement Dungarvin Risk Management Protocol.
d. Assess possible areas of risk and/or liability and report to Senior Director.
e. Respond to emergency situations and customer complaints in a timely and responsible manner, providing guidance, assistance and support to customers and other personnel.


1. Responsibility: Be responsible for providing leadership and direction in promoting the mission of the organization within the area, state and region.

a. Participate in local and statewide, internal and external workgroups and committees.
b. Participate and/or assist with new development initiatives, i.e., Kronos, Therap, Dashboard, etc.
c. Project a positive and supportive attitude toward individual, family members, personnel and other external involved parties.
d. Willingly perform all other duties as assigned.


A mental retardation professional according to federal guidelines, a licensed nursing home administrator, or education and experience comparable to one of the above, as determined by the senior director.

Must have good decision-making and communication skills; be responsible, mature and flexible; and have management experience. Experience in residential facilities for persons with disabilities is desired.

Dungarvin is an equal opportunity employer who provides a work environment that is filled with opportunities for personal challenges and rewards. In addition to competitive compensation, benefits and opportunities for growth, we also provide you the chance to make a daily difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

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