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Req. No. 18-0034
Employment Coordinator
Coordinate recruitment, hiring & training
Gallup, NM
Full Time
High School/GED
Language/Special Skills:
Driving Requirements:
Special Note:

The Employment Coordinator is a support position specifically responsible for coordinating recruitment, hiring of staff and the training of program staff/contractor to provide direct support and oversight to individuals served in the homes/programs that Dungarvin New Mexico operates. Responsible for the planning and coordination of staff/contractor orientation, state-mandated trainings, organizational in-services, assistance with departmental in-services, provision of specialized or individualized training for program staff/contractor in homes (mentoring/shadowing), and monitoring of all training materials and equipment.

1. Responsibility: To maintain working knowledge and ensure implementation of all regulations, policies and service philosophies related to staff hiring.

a. Coordinate advertising efforts, such as posting flyers; monitor and respond to website applications.
b. Represent Dungarvin New Mexico by attending recruitment-related events such as job fairs, school placement offices and industry conferences.
c. Provide the first point of contact between prospective employees/applicants either in person or by e-mail or telephone.
d. Receive and manage all applications for program counselor/residential coordinator positions. Source of applications is via the Dungarvin website. The Employment Coordinator is responsible for managing a system that ensures applications are received and processed in a timely manner.
e. Maintain a current listing of all open positions based upon information received from Directors and/or Program Directors. Ensure a tracking system for position openings and when they are filled (i.e., FTE report form).
f. Review all applications, screen applicants for proper job qualifications, and coordinate/schedule interviews for all qualified applicants.
g. Interview all qualified applicants using Dungarvin New Mexico's structured interview process.
h. Complete reference checks per Dungarvin policy and ensure all information received from the reference checks is documented per established procedures.
i. Check state abuse registry for all direct care staff before start date.
j. Coordinate fingerprinting of all new hires within initial three working days.
k. Complete all paperwork within the New Hire Packet, and ensure that all required documentation from the employee is received at least by the first day of orientation.
l. Initiate the driving record check by completing the required paperwork, ensuring that the employee has a valid driver's license and submitting the documentation to Human Resources.
m. Maintain contact with newly hired employees prior to orientation, ensuring that their questions are answered in a timely manner.
n. Work cooperatively with Human Resources in acquiring all necessary paperwork and documentation.
o. Provide information to HR for newly hired employees for the purpose of tracking referral bonuses.

2. Responsibility: To coordinate orientation and mentoring schedules for all applicants hired.

a. Sign up all newly hired employees for the required orientation classes. Provide each new employee with a schedule of all orientation classes s/he is expected to attend.
b. Make recommendations to the Program Director team for assignments to homes for newly hired staff. Work cooperatively with Program Directors in assigning new staff to homes.
c. Enter schedules for new hires in Kronos Timekeeping system.
d. Enter new hires into Therap electronic documentation system.

3. Responsibility: To maintain working knowledge and ensure implementation of all regulations, policies and service philosophies related to staff/contractor training.

a. Develop and maintain working knowledge of Dungarvin's training requirements and the requirements of the State of New Mexico.
b. Ensure that all staff/contractor training is provided in accordance with the service philosophies current in the organization and in the field of developmental disabilities.

4. Responsibility: To coordinate the orientation and training of all new staff/contractors.

a. Ensure the scheduling of all new staff or contractors for required classes.
b. Coordinate the scheduling of new staff/contractor for orientation, as well as the compilation of all necessary materials for each individual enrolled.
c. Enter documentation in the state database following each individual's completion of training coursework.
d. Remove employees from database when they leave the company.
e. Assist program management with the monitoring of all required orientation training for newly hired employees/contractors during the first 90 days of employment.
f. In conjunction with administrative staff, modify curriculum outline(s) for New Staff/Contractor Organizational Orientation as necessary.
g. Coordinate a mentoring schedule with the supervisor and new employee.
h. Ensure that new employees meet with their supervisor to coordinate a mentoring schedule.
i. Provide documentation of completed training to HR within 48 hours of completion

5. Responsibility: To coordinate organizational training.

a. Determine in-service needs and preferences via various forms of assessment, in addition to those training sessions required by the State of New Mexico.
b. Develop annual in-service calendar for the organization, including the designation of topics, dates, times, locations and presenters.
c. Ensure the completion of attendance forms and training feedback forms by participants.
d. Provide documentation of completed training to HR within 48 hours of completion.

6. Responsibility: To coordinate and provide specialized or individualized training as requested.

a. Become certified and provide training in state-specific training curriculum as requested, including ANE/Incident Management Reporting.
b. Become certified as a trainer in specialized training such as Mandt, First Aid/CPR, as requested.
c. Conduct monthly review of COEs and COCs for all employees and contractors, ensuring compliance and providing information to HR, Program Directors and Directors.
d. Conduct monthly review of GERs involving restraint, and provide follow-up training as needed

7. Responsibility: To organize and maintain all training and technology resources.

a. Maintain an inventory of current training materials (books, journals, articles, videotapes, video camera, etc.) and create an index of these items.
b. Assess need for additional training materials and make recommendations accordingly to the management team.
c. Develop system for checkout and use of resources (CD/DVD training materials).

8. Responsibility: To remain within fiscal limits for the training budget in the administration of all training responsibilities.

a. Maintain awareness of budgets for purchase of training materials and equipment.
b. Comply with RFE procedures to purchase materials and equipment.

9. Responsibility: To maintain ongoing, open and direct communication with all staff/contractors in general and specifically relating to training issues.

a. Maintain open and accurate communication with all staff/contractors throughout the organization.
b. Develop and distribute the monthly training calendar per established timelines.
c. Communicate scheduled trainings via the monthly training calendar, rosters, S-Comms, newsletter and/or memos.
e. Ensure that all documentation of completed training and attendance is submitted to Human Resources for data entry in a timely manner.
f. Solicit input and suggestions for staff/contractor training, as well as feedback on completed training, in order to ensure that the needs of staff/contractors are being met.

10. Responsibility: To willingly perform other duties as required.

a. Participate in Dungarvin New Mexico program management team meetings.
b. Participate in Dungarvin New Mexico specialized committees as requested/assigned.
c. Assist with new development activities upon request.
d. Attend annual state employment law training.
e. Attend state train-the-trainer courses to become a certified instructor.
f. Participate in the on-call system as assigned/scheduled.

11. Responsibility: To promote positive teamwork and communication among all Dungarvin employees, program management and support departments.

a. Cooperate with Dungarvin staff, persons served and outside contacts in a professional and respectful manner.
b. Act as a role model for staff/contractor in the use of the policy manual and policy implementation.
c. Seek ways to offer assistance to fellow staff.
d. Offer constructive, positive solutions to problems.
e. Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
f. Offer feedback and constructive criticism.

Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma or GED Certificate and relevant education, training and/or experience in administrative support duties, scheduling responsibilities and providing training presentations.

The Employment Coordinator must be organized and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be computer proficient with Windows and Microsoft Office, including use of Word and Excel. Must be willing to learn other software and technology functions, including providing support for Kronos, Therap and Sengistix.

Personal qualities should include confidence, flexibility, self-directedness and the ability to maturely deal with unexpected demands and incidents.

Dungarvin is an equal opportunity employer who provides a work environment that is filled with opportunities for personal challenges and rewards. In addition to competitive compensation, benefits and opportunities for growth, we also provide you the chance to make a daily difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

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